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To learn about available services, resources and innovative practices in Iowa, please review the following Quick Facts sheets:

Access and Continuation

Assertive Community Treatment Offers Multi-Disciplinary Support

Building an Innovative System of Care in Iowa

Depression Disease Management

Integrated Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Iowa Family-to-Family Education and Support

Iowa Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Resource Guide

Pediatric Psychiatric Services: Innovative Care for Those in Need

Peer Support Services

Promoting Wellness and Recovery in Iowa

Reinvesting in the Iowa Community

Reward for Quality Program Focuses on Clinical Outcomes

Self-Directed Care Addresses Personal Empowerment

"The Psychiatrist Can See You Today"

Youth In Transition: A Community-Based Approach That Improves Long-Term Outcomes

Youth In Transition brochure

White Paper- Children's Residential Care


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Contact Information

Important member information: Iowa Medicaid Enterprise is now managing behavioral health services for the state of Iowa. For questions regarding your services, please call 1-800-338-7909.

** To file a grievance or appeal for services provided on or before December 31, 2015, please call Magellan Healthcare at 1-800-638-8820.